The transport industry (i.e, manufacturers of any kind of vehicles) is a key sector in modern economies and, particularly, automotive, aeronautics and railway are sectors with high technological level and competitiveness which act as leaders in economical and technological development.

Therefore, the companies involved in such sectors require more and more competitive, more efficient, quicker and safer designs and products.

In this respect, the expertise of Inesco Ingenieros in materials, mechanics and structures through its multidisciplinary teams, provides a clear competitive advantage for our clients.

Design optimisation of railway, aeronautical and automotive components

The continuous development of these industries requires new designs and materials.

In this area, the staff of Inesco Ingenieros has participated in the development of high speed rail (HSR) components, the analysis of laser beam welding (LBW) techniques for aircraft fuselages, or the optimisation of fillet radii in automotive components.

Our expertise in materials, mechanics and structural engineering allows the needs of our clients to be satisfied.

Fatigue and fracture assessments

Fatigue and fracture assessments of railway, aeronautical and automotive components constitute a key factor in ensuring their structural integrity.

These assessments are performed through advanced analysis techniques, from finite element analysis to a wide variety of structural integrity standards or procedures (BS7910, FITNET FFS, R6, ,..).

The fatigue behaviour of railway seat plates, or the fracture behaviour of welded aluminium panels used in last generation aircrafts, are some of the examples in which Inesco Ingenieros has participated.

Quality control of welded joints in automotive components

Since it was set up in 2005, Inesco Ingenieros has participated in the quality control of welds for some of the main European manufacturers of automotive components.

Our experience in this field has allowed our clients to reduce to the minimum the failures in their components, optimising costs and avoiding production stops or complaints/claims from their clients.

Our services in chemical and mechanical characterisation allow us to offer high quality services that meet the needs of our clients with a high degree of satisfaction.

Quality control of materials

The high level of expertise of our staff in the field of materials allow us to perform exhaustive quality controls of the materials used by our clients, avoiding the use of inadequate batches and the corresponding risks for the final products.

Chemical analyses, microhardness measurements, mechanical characterisation or analysis of microstructures are some of the examples of the services we offer our clients.