Renewable energy

The wind sector is expected to be one of the energy industries with the most development in the upcoming years, both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

In this sector, Inesco Ingenieros offers a wide variety of specialised high quality services, from calculations and engineering designs of ordinary onshore wind towers to new developments in both onshore and offshore towers.

The introduction of new materials, the design of new structural joints, the support during the design of floating foundations, the fitness-for-service assessment of in-service towers and failure analysis are some of the activities developed by Inesco Ingenieros in the wind sector over the last years.

Fracture and fatigue analysis of wind towers

Inesco Ingenieros has wide experience in the fracture and fatigue analysis of wind towers.

Over the last years, our company has performed analysis of the fabrication defect tolerances in welded joints subjected to fatigue and fracture, analysis of fatigue processes on the bolts used in bolted joints, estimation of the remanent life of in-service structures, or analysis of cracking processes in in-service wind towers, all of these undertaken for the leading companies in the wind sector.

In all these works, the most advanced analysis techniques have been used, from finite element modelling to the use of a wide variety of structural integrity procedures and design standards (BS7910, FITNET FFS, R6, Eurocode …)

Design optimisation of wind turbines

The increasing competitiveness in the wind sector and the corresponding requirements of designing wind turbines which allow the initial investment to be recovered, has led to the development of new designs. This includes, for example, more adjusted sizing, the use of new materials, new structural typologies, more efficient joints and structural details, or the reduction of vibrations.

Joint sizing

Joints of wind towers, both welded and bolted, are key elements in the design of these types of structures and, on many occasions, determine the sizing of the whole turbine structure.

The capacities of Inesco Ingenieros in structural analysis and material selection allow the sizing of wind towers to be optimised to the maximum, avoiding unnecessary oversizing, preserving safety requirements, and generating more competitive designs.

Corrosion in marine environment

If onshore wind energy is a well established sector which is at its very peak in many countries, offshore wind energy is going to be a key energy sector in the upcoming years.

However, the design of offshore wind turbines has to fulfil the specific demands derived from the marine environment, with special emphasis on corrosion resistance demands.

Inesco Ingenieros performs all kinds of corrosion analyses, from those dealing with local thin areas caused by generalised corrosion, to those related to stress corrosion cracking processes. Also, our company designs systems for corrosion protection, such as cathodic protection systems or multilayer films.

Development of new structural solutions

On many occasions, the competitiveness of our clients depends on their capacity to generate new structural solutions.

Our support I this area has been a key factor for success, given that Inesco Ingenieros allow the development of new products to be tackled from a global point of view that includes the mechanical, structural and materials perspectives.